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Or as they say in India.....Thursday.
A buddy of mine was in some sort of biology class and they were swirling jars of strep using those glass science stir sticks and he watched this one girl absentmindedly put one in her mouth.
Lovely photo! And I hope you have a great time in what Google assures me is known as ‘The Capital of Latin America’.

On Ultra In the blog lemonade Our little friends from the subcontinent are pretty handy at that stuff for a fiver. But, get in quickly - the 4th Test (Aus v India) starts soon. And they'll be a quivering with fear; with consequences similar to Steve's amoebic dysentery post
I dunno. I'm afraid to. Plus I assume it's locked, though I haven't checked. I figure, if they had any good drugs in the trunk they damn well would have come and got it by now and if there's a body in the trunk I don't want my DNA anywhere near it.
Ha - I can only agree - pop that trunk!
Sounds like retirement

On Light Shift In the blog nightie
That's one way to give your son issues defficating in his room...

On Oof. In the blog Luna Tics