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1: Luna Ticks
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2: Don't worry. It's Treatable
By: Don't worry. It's treatable

3: Something Less Nauseating
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4: The Adventures of Lunchbag Rodriguez
By: kittenheel

5: knifeboy
By: knifeboy

6: 17syllables: was last seen checking out who else is online
By: antic

7: LostChyld
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8: Thanks for all the Fish
By: Dirty Rock

9: rockboy
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10: Why, Yes My Blog IS Real.....Real Deleted!
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OSU is Oregon State. The rest suck balls. Go OU. Fuck Big 10.
The only roaches we get on Ivy Ave would be the kind you can only kill with some hemos.
I think we're usually near the top in fitness (at least ABQ is) so we got that going for us! :)
You get used to it. In NJ, I was freaked out whenever I saw a cockroach, because of the thought that your surroundings were just dirty. Here in GA, you get them no matter what, clean, not clean, doesn't matter. Unless you have a regular exterminator visit (which we do, every 2 months....the only roaches I usually see are dead).
From what I gather, if you do have decent employment, the qualify of life in NM is very good, which I guess is what makes it an attractive place for so many tech companies. Good for them. In most states, if you are selling a mobile home, the only way it's worth $180K is if the bathtub is still full of meth and it comes with the house.
I dunno man. I think a giant roach in a hospital is way worse than one in a house. Or a school.
Yeah, but at least our mobile homes are expensive! :D
I respect that guy. But he's an idiot. I'd kill Rick and most of his crew in the same spot. It is that weakness that Rick will use to kill him.
Did you hit it?

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