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Bulldog you're probably more a Discipline Khakis kind of guy.
Simon, Kittenheel, Food Porn Time! Describe what goes on your SPAM sandwiches. Make me quiver!
Some of my happiest childhood memories include Spam. My mother worked part-time balancing the checkbook for a local mother of 12, and we were over at their house a lot. Spam was one of the few foods the younger kids could handle cooking, so there were lots of Spam sandwiches cooked up and enjoyed in their massive, rambling kitchen.
Poor bitch I do feel for her ( seriously I do)

On Bad money. In the blog Luna Tics
Maybe I should tell my clients calling the bat phone to try Jesus (I have been suckered into being on standby this weekend
They better not piss her off. If she quits they will be even more screwed.

On Bad money. In the blog Luna Tics
I had a geometry teacher in high school who, when told "I know the answer!" would finish in song, "For the world today?" (those who don't know the song won't get it, I guess). But yeah, if I thought Jesus were a real thing, I probably wouldn't ask him about midget porn, or hooker perfume.
The funny thing is, I had a suspicious spot on the "screening" mammogram, so they ordered a "diagnostic" mammo. They paid for the diagnostic, no problem, but I wouldn't have even known I needed it if not for the screening mammo. I think the rule was no screening mammos under age 35. I have been getting them since around age 30, because my mom was 35 when she was diagnosed. For women with a close family history, they actually recommend you start getting mammograms 10 years years earlier than the onset for your relative - so I was actually late in starting mine.

On Look At Me In the blog knifeboy
And did I mention how much of a badass Elizabeth Warren is? I would not like to be on the receiving end of her wrath.