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7: PeanutShells
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those are good male porn names
HAHAHA! Anal Anvil! Oral Obelisk!
Oh, that sucks. You know it is his way of maintaining his superiority. "My penis is too big and important to learn the names of my subservient."
I like the Steve idea. One of my bosses here called me "Cindy" for 8 years. It's CHRISTY.
Jesus. This dumb bitch you work with is worried about a classic book that her daughter should read for school and she's shacking up with a cow-birther, thrice divorced, that she's known for 2 months from farmers
i watched that while i was in my twenties
there is bang boat too if you think that guy is gross. (this is an old site) there was like a grandpa on there i think it was milfhunters dad.
Had he not died, I'm willing to bet that River Phoenix would have hit the level of fame that Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio achieved. He was very good in Stand By Me, I think he had amazing potential. If you saw that movie (about the friends that went looking for a dead body near the train tracks), he played Chris. Damn good movie.
My suggestions never include Go fuck yourself, asshole. My commands do.